The kit is supplied in 'units' a pro body, lens and flash with a bag or set of pouches in the combinations press photographers use. The units are assembled with off camera flash brackets, diffusers, battery packs etc. ensuring the kits look like working pro's gear. All of the brands are the names that pro photographers are using now - Nikon, Canon, Thinktank, Domke, Quantum.


The units are supplied charged, with fresh flash batteries and set for the flashes to fire.


Other items such as tripods, monopods, reflectors, press fobs, laptops can be arranged.


Talk to us if your photographer needs to be a 'specialist' - war, sports, wedding, studio etc. 


Rental charges are for 3 days as standard  to allow for delivery and scene rescheduling.


Equipment can be collected from South East London (near Vauxhall Bridge) or delivery can be arranged at cost.


Replacement Values are relatively low.





Sports/Catwalk/Paparazzi. Long telephoto, body, strap. Bag. £100 3 day. £200 week.


Sports/Catwalk/Papparazzi. Body, long zoom. Can come with monopod, stool. Bag. £100 3 day. £200 week.


Sports/catwalk/paparazzi. V. big zoom. Nikon body. Pelicase. £100 3 day. £200 week.


Super long telephoto, Nikon body tripod/monopod. £100 3 day. £200 week.


Nikon Pro Camera. Short zoom. Flash. Thinktank backpack. £100 3 day. £200 week


Nikon Pro body. Long zoom lens. Think tank shooter belt and pouches. £100 3 day. £200 week


Nikon pro body, lens. Off camera flash and bracket. Flash. Think tank retrospective shoulder bag. £100 3 day. £200 week


Nikon pro camera lens and flash. Domke shooters bag. £100 3 day. £200 week


Nikon pro camera lens and flash. Lowepro backpack. £100 3 day. £200 week


Canon pro body lens and flash. Lowepro hip pack. £100 3 day. £200 week


Canon (or Nikon) body and zoom lens. Kevlar vest and helmet. £150 3 day. £250 week


Forensic or Soco kit. Nikon (or Canon) camera. Ring-flash. Tripod. Yellow pelicase. £150 3 day. £250 week


Non functioning Mac laptop and bag. £20 3 day £50 week (3 available)


Photographers silver an white reflector. £5 3 day. £10 day week


Step ladders as used at photo-calls etc. £5 per day. £10 per week


2 well worn photographers pelicases. £10 per 3 day. £20 per week

PCR-Demo Helmet

Civil unrest press/videographer helmet. £5 3 day. £10 week.