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Character portrayal of photographers in TV and Film occasionally looks wrong. Wrong camera, wrong bag, wrong lens, wrong combination of all three. 


Why not get it right?


We can supply kit that looks like the kit current working photographers use because it is the kit that current working photographers use.

We can tailor kits for specific situations - press-calls, weddings, architectural, war, paparazzi, sports, studio.


As well as getting the basic kit right we can also supply the other stuff photographers use; off-camera flashbrackets, stepladders, reflectors, stands, press flak jackets and helmets, tripods, pelicases, laptops, press accreditation fobs.


We can set up photographic studios - lighting and tethered capture - to make your shoot look like a real photographic shoot is happening.


Whenever your filming features modern day photography we can help. 07590065736



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